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If you like [] make sure you check out these awesome resources that are related to []. is a complete list of all Microsoft Portals in one place. With a fast, searchable list you can quickly find the link to any Microsoft portal in seconds.

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Centro 365

Centro 365 is a neat browser extension that gives you one-click access to the various Microsoft portals and blades.

Check it out at Centro 365

Centro Image is very similar to [] and lists come of the most common short-links and commands.

In a way was the pre-cursor to []. While [] is great, most of the memorable and product specific short links have already been reserved for links to the Microsoft product page or docs.

This site is slightly different to the ones on this page. The focus of is to list all the official Microsoft PowerShell modules to administer Microsoft 365 and Azure in one place.

The 'How to Install' and 'How to Connect' columns for each modules are the hidden gems in this very useful page.