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✍️ Contributing

Adding a new command to []

To add a new command to [] for your favorite Microsoft blade or portal you can either submit a form or better yet, create a pull request in GitHub.

Command naming convention

  • Try to use the same name used in Azure CLI for the resource.
  • If you feel the name is too long, include an alias to the CLI name so it easily discoverable.

App Specific Blades / Pages

  • When a command is deep linking to an app specific blade (e.g. Users blade in Azure AD), include the app's two letter prefix (e.g.
  • If this is a new app, you can suggest a new two letter prefix for the app.

PR Checklist

  • Verify that your new command/alias does not already exist.
  • If the app has a legacy or alternate name, include it in the Keyword column so it is searchable.
  • Only include links to Microsoft portals.